Co-operative Mobile PAC code

If you are thinking of leaving Co-op mobile and want to keep your old number, you will need to obtain your Co-operative Mobile PAC code.

Follow the step by step instructions on how to get your Co-operative Mobile PAC code:

  • To get your Co-operative mobile PAC code, you’ll need to call Co-op mobile on 01608 434 000 free from a Co-op mobile phone or 01608 434 000 from any other phone.
  • Co-op mobile PAC code must be given to you within 2 days. On receiving the PAC number it will be active for 30 days.
  • In the meantime, you should order a new mobile phone and select a package from your new network provider.
  • When ordering your new mobile phone online, you should insert the PAC code that Co-op mobile provided you into the relevant space on the website when placing your order. Alternatively, once you have received your Co-op PAC number you can call your new network provider and give them the code over the phone.

That’s it! You will get a new temporary number until your old number is transferred over. (This could take up to 3 days).

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What is a Coop mobile PAC code?

You’ll need a Co-op mobile PAC code if you’re currently with Co-op mobile and you wish to switch to another network but want to keep the same number. Once you receive your Co-op mobile PAC code, you must use it within 30 days, otherwise, it will expire and you will be required to get a new one.

Your new network provider will ask you to provide them with your Co-op mobile PAC code. You can give them the code by phone or if you’re activating your new SIM online, enter the code into the appropriate box.

Are Co-op Mobile PAYG call rates cheaper than other networks?

The Co-op mobile PAYG tariff only charges you when making a call or sending a text message. Unlike other networks, the Co-op mobile PAYG tariff charges you per second, not per minute. So, when you make a call Co-op Mobile will round up the call cost to the nearest second. This is much better for customers to save money and resulting in your call credit lasting longer. For more information on Co-op Mobile PAYG call rates, visit the website.

Phone Co-op Customer Services. I’m still unsure about leaving Co-op Mobile.

If you’re still unsure whether to leave Co-op Mobile, you can phone Co-op customer services on 01608 434 000 to speak with a helpful representative. They will be happy to help you with any Co-op Mobile related questions.

Can I get my Co-op PAC code without calling?

Currently, customers can’t get their Co-op PAC code without calling. However, from July 1st 2019, mobile customers will be able to switch to a new mobile provider by sending an SMS text message in one day.This is great news for all contract and PAYG customers on all networks.

In the meantime, to obtain your Co-op PAC number, follow the step by step instructions shown above.

Visit our homepage for more general information on PAC Codes.